At Teleport Vintage we strive to find and carry some of the most exclusive vintage clothing in town. We source clothing from all over the world so that we can curate a truly awesome collection.

Our Mission

We believe that buying vintage clothing should be a memorable experience. We aim to provide the best customer service and source some of the most unique pieces available. We believe in circular fashion. In quality clothing that can have three or more lives.  In choosing clothing that’s unique and individual. Clothing that can tell us stories and that stands against fast fashion and its effects on the world.

We aim to keep quality vintage items in circulation once they’ve reached the end of life with their previous owner. By sourcing secondhand, we’re reducing the cost of fashion by giving new life to used clothes and most importantly, saving these unique pieces from being lost to a landfill.

Paul Forster

Founder + Madman

Raised by wolves, with a thirst for travel and experiences, Paul is just a simple guy who truly loves vintage, his pups and his kids. Dumpster diving since childhood, he has a lifetime of experience finding and curating treasures.

“Ever since I was kid, my grandfather (never one to be wasteful) had me dumpster diving and looking for things still filled with life and beauty in them. It’s all I ever really done, known how to do well, and love.”

P. Forster


De Vliegerstraat 128
3021 ZM  Rotterdam


De Vliegerstraat 128
3021 ZM  Rotterdam